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handwritten with love.

we're just two kids young in love.
noone can stop us.

I love your blog!! ^.^

Thanks! :D

your blog is awesome ^-^ i love your hand written notes :)

Thank you :-)

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If you want to see awesome tattoos you should go follow 4_tattoos on Instagram :^)

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Senior pictures :^)

Senior pictures :^)

If you’d like to get a look into my life, my Instagram is

I'm sorta reblogging everything. I love your blog. Hope you don't mind!! Xx

Not at all!! I hope you don’t mind that I think you’re awesome hahah! thanks :^) xx


If you have any requests that have to do with love/being in love, message me and I will do them!

However, this blog isn’t for things about breakups or broken hearts, only about being in love with the one person you care about more than anything on this planet :^) love you xx

Please make more! These make me so happy (:

I’m so glad! I promise ill be making more starting soon. I just started school again so everything is alittle crazy. But I am gonna start them up again I promise xx

heyyy i love your blog and i like to know how old you are c:

Thank you so much! And 17 hahah. Xx